about us

Never give up, never what?

Born out of a profound love for video games and an unwavering dedication to Minecraft, our network has been a solo project since its inception in 2015. Hailing from Bulgaria, I embarked on this ambitious journey at just 16 years old, driven by a dream to create a unique Minecraft experience.

This endeavor was never just a hobby; it was a passion project fueled by the desire to build a community where like-minded gamers could come together. Despite the solitude of its development and the hurdles along the way, the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. My commitment has been unwavering, guided by the belief that with enough creativity and perseverance, anything is possible.

Through the years, the network has evolved, mirroring the growth and changes within the Minecraft universe and the wider gaming community. Every update and new feature has been a step towards realizing a vision of a place where every player can find something to love.

As we look to the future, I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. There are plans to introduce new game modes, enhance features, and hopefully, grow our community. This journey, though challenging, has been incredibly rewarding, and I believe the best is yet to come.

Thank you for your support and for joining me on this adventure. Together, let’s continue to build, explore, and create within this Minecraft network.

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